3 European Medals including Gold for +70 Men

FIMBA GB have returned from the European Championships in Pesaro, Italy with 3 medals including their first ever European Gold from the +70 Men.

Special Award for Lead Delegate Nicky Shaw

FIMBA GB sent 13 teams to Pesaro for the XII European Championships from 22nd – 30th June 2024, as well as endorsing a further 11 other teams, making GB one of the most well represented teams at the tournament. FIMBA GB performed admirably, picking up 9 Top 10 finishes as well as 3 medals with the +35 Men repeating their bronze from Malaga and the +35 Women improving on their 4th place finish in Malaga to take bronze as well.

The headlines deservedly go to the +70 Men though, who had the worst possible start to the tournament with one of their players suffering a heart-attack causing their first game to be abandoned and the win awarded to Lithuania. Luckily the player is ok, but the team galvanised to defeat Germany, Japan, Italy and then took revenge against Lithuania in the final 45-42.

We are so proud of our 70s men’s team who have a wealth of experience some spanning nearly 60 years. They had a tough schedule and some injuries but coming home with the gold medal was just reward for them.

Nicky Shaw – FIMBA GB Lead Delegate

With one of the largest group of players, the atmosphere at most FIMBA GB games was brilliant with the teams supporting each other including the +50 Women and +40 Women inspiring each other, both in incredible double OT thrillers!

Off court, the spirit of Masters Basketball was evident with new friends made and the FIMBA GB teams enjoying their time together and bringing a smile to others’ faces whether through the bus dances and singing on the way to and from games or the numerous photo shoots in the sea and various tourist spots. Click here to see the full roll of honour by tournament.

Final Positions:-

+35 Women – 3rd place (Bronze Medal) 2&3; Rebecca Brindley 24.4ppg (1st); Lisa Greenaway 13ppg (4th)
+40 Women – 10th place 2&4; Vilma Jurgaityte 13.2ppg (6th)
+50 Women – 10th place 2&3; Paul Bailey 8.8ppg (4th); Lisa Coffey 8.6ppg (5th); Ruth Barron 7.8ppg (8th)
+55 Women – 5th place 4&1; Karen Eaketts 11.2ppg (4th); Gail Hopkins 11ppg (6th)
+60 Women – 7th place 1&5

+35 Men – 3rd place (Bronze Medal) 1&5
+40 Men – 10th place 1&4
+45 Men – 9th place 2&3
+50 Men – 23rd place 0&5
+55 Men – 18th place; Simon Gregory 14ppg (9th) 2&4
+60 Men – 19th place 2&3
+65 Men – 13th place; Peter Jeremich 10.2ppg (9th) 3&2
+70 Men – 1st place (Gold Medal), Thomas Campbell 8.3ppg (7th)

FIMBA GB +70 Men – European Gold Medalists