FIMBA GB is run entirely by volunteers and all players, coaches and team managers are self-funded. As such, we are always looking for corporate and individual partners to support our journey.

Sport continues to play an important part in the health and well-being of our playing community, especially since the Covid-19 epidemic. The general wellbeing of our staff and players have all been greatly improved by being physically fit, team-working, mentally challenged and with an end goal. Following the UK lockdown, our participant numbers increased significantly as we promoted the mental and physical health benefits of sport. A large number of our players are also actively engaged with basketball at grassroots level, with many of them coaching local youth teams not just on the court, but supporting them off the court as well.

We are looking for FIMBA GB partners to support with kits, accommodation, support staff and travel; as well as individual Team partners to support with training, tournament entrance fees and hotels.

In return, our partners will:-

  • have the opportunity to associate with an international sports team of dedicated and highly motivated players representing their country
  • see their brand via social media with our vast network of GB Masters participants and overseas colleagues
  • have global exposure of their brand to a captive, niche market both via the tournament and with pre-tournament interaction with our peers
  • be a supporter of the older athlete keeping fit and staying in the game, endorsing the Active Ageing initiative from Sport England
  • be joining an organisation with a winning pedigree

FIMBA GB work closely with partners on and off the court with truly tailored packages of benefits to fit, support and develop your goals. We encourage our partners to customise the package to suit their needs and budget. Please send an email to to receive a partner pack and to discuss the opportunity further.

If you would like to support the teams personally, you can by donating on their crowdfunding pages:-