Welcome to the new FIMBA GB website

We are delighted to launch the new FIMBA GB website, the home of Great Britain Master Basketball Teams aged 35 to 70+.

Following feedback from our players, partners and fans, the FIMBA GB Committee have developed the new website as well as an updated brand image for FIMBA GB. This symbolises a fresh start as we build towards the 2024 European Championships in Italy next summer with a renewed focus on providing the best on-court and off-court experience.

The new branding highlights the typical red, white and blue Great Britain colours in a much more vivid way to create an engaging experience online, across social media and on our clothing in the future. The typeface for the popular #thegameneverstops and headlines have also been updated to a more street design as a nod to celebrate 50 years of Hip-Hop – a style so synonymous with basketball – as well as the fun aspect of being part of FIMBA GB.

The website has a much more modern feel to it, highlighting the achievements of our successful teams as well as making it easier to navigate and find the right information to join as a player, support us as a partner or contact us.

Our newly updated Purpose, Mission, Vision and Objectives are also available on the About page and if you are interested in joining us, we have added an expectations page to see if FIMBA GB is right for you. We are very excited about this new stage of the journey and what the future holds for us.