Trust Works partner with o55 Men’s +Plus

FIMBA GB are excited to announce that Trust Works will partner the o55 Men’s +Plus Team for the upcoming European Championships in Malaga 2022.

Just like in basketball, at Trust Works they believe that an organisation’s performance is determined by its people. Supporting them to do the best job they can is therefore the key to unlocking success.

Trust Works support courageous organisations who are inspired by concepts of self-management, autonomy and empowerment. They do this through on- and offline programmes, generally in small groups of like-minded individuals. Or they do this in person within and with your organisation.

Bringing many years of experience as organisational transformers, facilitators and coaches ensures that you and your teams will be in good hands as you embark on your exciting journey towards happier, more engaged staff and a more effective organisation overall.

For more details on Trust Works, click here.

As captain of the over 55s+ GB masters basketball team preparing to play in the European championships in Malaga this coming June, I would like to thank Trust Works for their sponsorship helping our team and our journey ahead be a successful one. Their support is very much appreciated.

Mal Stocker-Jones, FIMBA GB o55 Men’s +Plus Captain