We are pleased to announce the support of OPTICS Ltd for the entire 16 teams within the FIMBA GB family.

Optics Mission was to provide affordable and fashionable eye-wear to everyone. The packaging is designed to take the beating so the glasses have the best possible chance to last a long time, and in the unlikely event that they do break, it would not cost hundreds of pounds to replace.

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Being a big fan of basketball, having the opportunity to support FIMBA GB was a no-brainer for OPTICS. The life-long skills you learn in the sport, and the friends I have made for life, are some of the key reasons it is great to have an opportunity like this to give back to the basketball community.

Marcus, Optics Ltd

As part of the partnership, FIMBA GB will be sporting their OPTICS glasses at the XI European Championships in Malaga in just a few weeks time.

We’re really excited to welcome OPTICS as a partner for FIMBA GB. With the European Championships taking place in sunny Malaga, this will be a great partnership for us both

Maria Endacott-Heser, FIMBA GB Delegate