Inteliaris partner with o35 Men’s B team

FIMBA GB are excited to announce that Inteliaris will partner the o35 Men’s B team for the upcoming European Championships in Malaga 2022.

As a small, family led team ourselves, Inteliaris know what it takes to make small teams achieve their business, financial and lifestyle goals. Their aim is to empower others with the confidence to take risks and transform their aspirations into reality, by sharing their success.

Whatever stage you’re at, the next level is within reach. Inteliaris talk real, practical sense to help you get there. Their expertise is grounded in years of hands-on experience growing small businesses from the ground up. Inteliaris  know success isn’t built on buzzwords and business jargon. That’s why they equip small teams with the practical skills and strategies they need for organic growth.

As multi-brand franchisees, they developed brand-leading franchises in both recruitment and career coaching: learning valuable lessons about PEOPLE, STRATEGY, MINDSET along the way. Before taking the plunge and acquiring their first business, the risks were nearly enough to put us off. But, with the right tools and systems in place, Inteliaris oversaw a 500% growth in turnover in just 6 years, broke through our targets, acquired another business and- it’s safe to say- we’ve never looked back. Neither will you.

We viewed this opportunity to completely empower what we stand for as a company. It is often the case that companies (a bit like athletes) get to a level and then give up, or the system is not there to support further growth, and make the experience extremely unenjoyable.

FIMBA offer this exact opportunity to people that there is another stint (dare I say more painful on the knees but extremely enjoyable) beyond what we thought as young athletes could be possible, as we hang our boots up once families came along or we got too old!

Our business lives the same values in as much as we give companies the opportunity to dream and carry on enjoying something that they love and have spent years in circumstances building, and discover this world that is so satisfying and inclusive and rediscover love or challenge their individual skills, and beyond that empower others to do the same.

It is rare in these situations that partnerships happen at this deep and meaningful level , and I am delighted to be working together with an organisation that understands, practises and empowers the same values and offers pathways for the future like we do.

Nic Chaviaris, Managing Director Inteliaris

I would like to thank Inteliaris on behalf of the FIMBAGB Men’s o35 team . We are very grateful for your support. With the links of importance between your business and our team “the people, our strategies and mindset” it’s an ideal partnership. The squad are excited and proud to compete in Malaga 2022 and your commitment is very much appreciated.

Paul Sparrowhawk, FIMBA GB Men’s o35 Coach

For more details on the FIMBA GB o35 Men’s B team click here

If you would also like to partner with any of the FIMAB GB teams and support their journey to the European Championships, we are still looking for Bronze level partners – further details are on our partners page