IJAK partner with o55 Women’s Team

FIMBA GB are excited to announce that IJAK will partner the o55 Women’s Team for the upcoming European Championships in Malaga 2022.

IJAK, which stands for I’m Just A Kid, is a children’s lifestyle brand which focuses on promoting education, morals and values, the innocence of youth, and kindness to all of humanity.

The brand is based around a dog named Doggie Darwin, (think Sherlock Holmes) and his best friend Dexter Tomcat, who are loved by all due to their case solving techniques. The Doggie Darwin Mystery Book Series, details some of Darwin’s most famous cases that he has solved. The books, while promoting the aforementioned, are fun to read while the story unfolds.

The clothing line which will arrive by Christmas, promotes the innocence of youth. In the meantime, all their pieces are carefully selected to represent their beliefs, and of course, our incredible Detective Doggie Darwin. Their selection of clothing, books and accessories, can be found by clicking here, as well as all publications available on Amazon.

One of the main reasons why I have chosen to support these women is the fact that I recognise the need for companionship for those who have either retired, or have reached an age where they may find themselves alone. I think it’s great that these women are able to not only be a part of  a group that is patriotic in it’s representation of Great Britain, but also to have the ability to contend with other people in the same category. I think it’s a wonderful cultural experience for all involved and a way to stave off depression. Hopefully, I will be able to attend the games to give my support.

Joan Marsh, Owner of IJAK

As Co-Captain, I am so proud that we have the support of IJAK (I’m Just A Kid). IJAK, is a children’s lifestyle brand which focuses on promoting education, morals and values, the innocence of youth, and kindness to all of humanity which is something we at FIMBA GB hold close to our hearts. The partnership deal with IJAK will go a long way to helping the O55 Women on their road to Malaga.

o55 Women’s Co-Captain, Karen Greene

For more details on the FIMBA GB o55 Women’s Team click here

If you would also like to partner with the o55 Women’s Team and support their journey to the European Championships, we are still looking for Bronze level partners – further details are on our partners page