Hops & Boogie partner o50 Women

FIMBA GB are excited to announce that Hops & Boogie will partner the o50 Women’s team for the upcoming European Championships in Malaga 2022.

Hops & Boogie is a vibrant tap room, bottle shop and vinyl store that brings together an eclectic mix of domestic and international craft beer together with an enviable collection of great music preserved on vinyl. The beer selection features award winning UK breweries plus innovative international brewers sourced from the near and far corners of the world. Set in the heart of Stanley Square Mall, Sale; Hops & Boogie is a ‘urban library’ of great craft beers, international wines, artisan spirits and vinyl!

A spokesperson from Hops & Boogie commented, “The Greater Manchester region also has a hugely popular and vibrant basketball following. Consequently, the opportunity to promote and support the FIMBA GB +50 Woman’s Basketball Team in the European Championships this summer is an enormous honour!”

FIMBA GB o50 Women’s Captain, Lynda Alderson added, “On behalf of the FIMBA GB O50s team I’d like to say how grateful we are to have been offered sponsorship by Hops & Boogie. The whole team have shown tremendous resilience and commitment throughout our time training together, and the support and recognition from Hops & Boogie is a huge boost for us. Their generous sponsorship donation will help fund our participation in the FIMBA championships in Malaga later this year.”

For more details on the FIMBA GB o50 Women’s team click here

If you would also like to partner with the o50 Women’s team and support their journey to the European Championships, all the details are on our partners page