Heron Foods and FIMBA GB +55 Team: A Winning Partnership

The FIMBA GB +55 Men headed to Albufeira to compete in the ESBA 2023 European Masters Championship in June and Heron Foods, once again, providing valuable sponsorship for the team whilst competing.

Their support and commitment to the team have greatly contributed to the success and growth of the team and its efforts towards competing in the 2024 European Championships in Italy.

First and foremost, Heron Foods’ sponsorship has provided the FIMBA GB +55 team with the necessary financial resources to compete at the highest level, it has allowed the team to cover expenses such as travel, accommodation and equipment, enabling the players to focus on their performance without worrying about logistical challenges.

Furthermore, Heron Foods’ sponsorship has helped raise the profile of the FIMBA GB +55 team. Through their association with Heron Foods, the team has gained increased exposure and recognition within the local community and beyond. This heightened visibility has not only attracted new fans and supporters but has also opened doors for potential additional sponsorships and partnerships.

Heron Foods’ sponsorship of the FIMBA GB +55 team has been invaluable. Their financial support, active engagement and dedication to promoting sports and community involvement have made a significant difference in the success and growth of the team. Heron Foods’ commitment to fostering a positive sporting environment and their partnership with the FIMBA GB +55 team is a shining example of how businesses can contribute to the development of sports at all levels.


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