Futurum Consulting partner o50 Men’s

FIMBA GB are excited to announce that Futurum Consulting will partner the o50 Men’s team for the upcoming European Championships in Malaga 2022.

Futurum Consulting helps businesses and charities to become more efficient, agile and sustainable by improving business processes and leveraging the best value from digital technology. Whether it’s a full digital transformation project or integrating your existing systems to remove administrative overhead, they can add value to your organisation.

By removing non-value adding functions and reducing manual data entry, they can improve your customers’ experience and help your business perform better. They tailor the services they offer to suit each individual client because they know that no business is exactly the same. They take the time to get to know your business, how it functions and what the problems are.

The core services are:

· Digital Transformation Projects
· Business Process Reviews
· Requirements Analysis
· Independent Solution Sourcing
· Business Application Integrations & Automations
· Business Application Implementations
· Business & Technology Consultancy
· Board Advisory Services

Further details can be found on their website by clicking here, by calling 0333 33 999 26 or email enquiries@futurum-consulting.co.uk

Andrew Rowlands commented, “As captain of the FIMBA GB over 50s squad I would like to thank Andrew Longland and Futurum Consulting for their support of the team for the upcoming European Championships. Your support is fully appreciated and we look forward to both providing you a winning team and hopefully welcoming you to a future event.”

For more details on the FIMBA GB o50 Men’s team click here

If you would also like to partner with the o50 Men’s team and support their journey to the European Championships, all the details are on our partners page