Meet the Team – Dom Short

+50 and +55 Men’s Assistant Head Coach, Dom Short, has swiftly emerged as a beacon of excellence within the FIMBA GB basketball coaching fraternity.

Dom’s unwavering commitment to professionalism and exceptional organisational skills have set him apart, despite his relative youth. Coach Short epitomises professionalism in every aspect of his role. Whether on the court, during team meetings, or in interactions with players, he consistently demonstrates a high level of integrity, dedication, and respect. His punctuality, attention to detail, and adherence to ethical standards serve as an inspiration to both seasoned veterans and aspiring coaches.

Despite his youth, he orchestrates team practices, game strategies, and player development programs with finesse. His ability to seamlessly manage intense training sessions, alongside a skill acquisition drill is a sight to behold. The structure of the +50 and +55’s game and preparations owe much to Coach Short’s adept handling of logistics and planning.

Coach Short’s age belies his wisdom and maturity. His fresh perspective injects youthful dynamism into the coaching staff. Rather than shying away from challenges, he embraces them with enthusiasm, seeking innovative solutions. His adaptability and willingness to learn from seasoned colleagues demonstrate a growth mindset that bodes well for the team’s future.

In Dom Short, we are witnessing a rising star, a testament to the new ethos sweeping the FIMBA GB organisation. His impact extends beyond the court, inspiring players, fellow coaches, and basketball enthusiasts alike.

As he continues to ascend, we eagerly anticipate the indelible mark he will leave on FIMBA GB +50 and +55 Men’s teams.