Book profits coming to FIMBA GB +55 Women

Karen Eaketts, guard for the +55 Women, is generously donating all the profits from her new book sales to support her team for the 2024 Tournaments.

The book, titled “Margot” is available in paperback or with a Kindle edition on Amazon and is Karen’s first published novel. Since retiring, Karen has worked on honing her creative writing skills, experimenting with different styles and different subjects. She has quite rightly realised her strength is in writing crime thrillers, and Margot is the accomplished result. We are sure this gripping story will be the first of many. Read and enjoy!

The word everyone uses to describe Margot is ‘odd’. One night she applies for the police whilst drunk and is unexpectedly accepted. She’s 43, nipple-height, and a hairdresser. Margot and her Tutor Constable Luke Jones soon find themselves on the fringes of a murder enquiry. A potential serial killer may have struck again. Margot is determined to investigate. Like it not she’s soon in too deep to back out. She has locked horns with the killer.

Margot by Karen Eaketts

Please support Karen and the FIMBA GB +55 Women, by buying Margot from the following link. Thank you so much for your generosity Karen and good luck with the book and the torunaments!