Adam Slater – o40 GB Captain

Ex-Manchester Magic player, Adam Slater, has been announced as the o40 Men’s GB Captain and sat down to speak to FIMBA GB.

FIMBA GB: Did you think about Masters Basketball during your career?

Adam: As a youngster your head is so far into basketball – the team, winning and trying to be the best player you can be – you never really give a thought to what happens when it finishes. If you do have fleeting moment where it enters your head they are often visualisations about looking back on all the silverware you won and telling your kids about what kind of player you were after being fully retired or finished with basketball.

FIMBA GB: What attracted you to Masters Basketball?

Adam: You start to reach that time in your life, you might have had some time away from basketball, but you’re still playing – competing, maybe at a local level and then you discover that it doesn’t have to stop. At 40, discovering masters basketball was like a revelation. There is this whole other world of basketball that, as a younger player, you are just unaware of.

FIMBA GB: What was your first experience of FIMBA GB like?

Adam: Walking into the gym for the first time to work out with the FIMBA GB 40’s team you couldn’t help but smile. There were familiar faces in former teammates and players you had lined up against over years.

FIMBA GB: What stuck out for you about the FIMBA GB 40’s team in the early stages?

Adam: After the initial few training sessions it was apparent that we have a pretty special group, the skill level and basketball IQ is very high, combined with what is still considered dangerous levels of athleticism.

FIMBA GB: What are your thoughts, now the full squad has been announced?

Adam: With a backcourt of Steven Gayle, Shaun Gray, Marlin Capers, Jason Wiggan, Anton Fraser, Aitor Estrada, Ryan Peters and Jono Hart we have legitimate 3 point assassins, as well as players that can slash and get to the hoop. Our front court are no slouches either, with Roderick Wellington, Lee McCarthy, Bruce Lauder, Dan Midgley and myself – we have athletic and versatile forwards that can run with the guards as well as making shots and finishing strong around the basket.

FIMBA GB: What defines this group?

Adam: What really makes the team different is the combined desire to win and compete. We push ourselves and each other hard. Under the guidance of coach Mac we are playing the style of basketball that really suits our personnel – aggressive lock down defence with fast break and flowing offence. Coach Mac has been focusing on the details that will put us in the best position possible to win at the European Championships in Malaga. None of this could happen without the continued support from our Team Manager Sasha McCarthy. I also want to say a huge thank you to our former coach, Anta Riekstina, we wouldn’t have got anywhere close to where we are now without her.

FIMBA GB: What does it mean to be asked to be GB captain?

Adam: Being asked to captain such a talented group of players has been a huge honour for me, especially when you look at the careers some of the guys have had. The energy and competitive spirit within the team is incredible, so my main objective is to help keep that energy focused on our team goals and making sure we do the little things that will help us win games.

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