50 days to go – o50 Men’s Coach Hopkins view

To mark 50 days until the XI FIMBA European Championships in Malaga, Spain, Lead Coach Hopkins gives an updated on his team’s progress.

Since 2019 when the FIMBA GB programme was started in preparation for Malaga 2020, as it was then, the o50 Men’s team have trained across the country, working with different players and support staff to create a truly unique inclusive team.

The team is predominantly made up of a mix of BBL and NBL talent and will be lead on court by Captain Andy Rowlands.

Andy has been great leader and captain for the team, he has helped drive the players both on and off the court and acted as that bridge between the coaches and players.

Craig Hopkins, Lead Coach FIMBA GB o50 Men

Have a look at our journey so far on the video below.

To be selected to represent FIMBA GB over 50s in the upcoming European Championships in Malaga, Spain was a massive honour, but to be awarded the captain of the team at the tournament came as a great shock, an incredible honour.

Andrew Rowlands, FIMBA GB o50 Men’s Captain

The off court chemistry and relationships can be just as important to help form the team togetherness.

The players have shown great dedication to the team and have traveled around the country to train and play games in preparation for Malaga. We have played a variety of teams with different skills sets in preparation for the different styles we will face in Malaga.

Preparing the players for the high standard that they will face in Malaga, has been a key focus for the coaching staff. We have used a variety of methods so the players have been able to prepare for the training sessions as well as the tournament.