40 days to go – o40s Women’s journey

With just 40 days to go until the XI FIMBA European Championships in Malaga, we take a look at the journey of Coach Mike Burton’s o40 Women’s team.

The squad came together a year ago and have added several players along the way, with Coach Burton being instrumental in generating interest in the team as well as attracting and retaining players.

The o40 Women are a tough squad with players from all parts of the UK, including Cardiff, London, Oxford, Brighton, Manchester, and Yorkshire. They first competed together in Worcester and since then have remained focused on the monthly training sessions.

It’s been a great journey, lasting a year where the team has come together to train and play games all with the intention of going to the European Championships in Malaga which starts next month. They really are a great group of ladies and I’m proud to be their coach and I’m really looking forward to the challenge. We have preparation tournaments in Dublin and Newcastle so bring it on.

Mike Burton, FIMBA GB o40 Women’s Head Coach

The training sessions began with small numbers, but quickly grew into a squad of 12, with a good mix of post players, outside shooters, and guards who all have the common focus of taking the games seriously, without taking themselves too seriously. The sessions are always tough, but there is plenty of time for a lot of joking, fun, and laughter together as well.

It’s been an amazing run up to Malaga with some strong training sessions and the team has really come together, especially in the last few months. The more we train and play together, the more we realize that we all have the same outlook and goals for this season. This team is filled with hardworking and talented women and it’s an honour to be chosen as Captain.

Jen Watson, FIMBA GB o40 Women’s Captain