o50W and o60W join for a friendly

Both the Fimba GB o50 and o60 Womens’ teams had a training camp at the weekend with Coach Gander and Coach Philips taking the opportunity to play a friendly.

o50s Head Coach Mal Gander stated, “It was a brilliant opportunity to have another game against our over 60 colleagues, it gave us both a good run out after a Christmas lay off, gelling nicely, it’s nice to see some chemistry forming between different sets of players, defensively we were quite sharp against some very tough opponents. Wonderful to see and only upwards from now through to Malaga.”

o60s Head Coach Jed Philips added, “We did very well today, the game went well. It was the first time we have had the full squad together in 18 months so a big plus, we still have one more player to come and a lot of hard work to do before we go to Malaga, and we are all looking forward to the challenge.”

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