New venue for +55 Women

The +55 Women relocated to RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire for their latest training session.

The surroundings were inspiring and served as an echo of the patriotism that the team display on court, enhancing the feeling of ‘playing for the flag’. With Coach Sharon D joining the ranks with Coach Stu Coffey, the last training camp of 2022 was a great success with a record number of participants. The players benefitted well from the very knowledgeable coaching team as they worked on a range of skills.

The first day focussed on running through plays and enhancing the already significant individual skills of the players, with structured scrimmaging on day 2 to put the plays and defences into practice.

The energy was positive and the players are clearly progressing with new strategies to compete at international tournaments in Croatia and Portugal in 2023. With numbers now reaching 15, with more expected in January and February, competition for places is keen.

Preparation continues for the upcoming international tournaments in 2023. With the levels of intensity increasing during the training sessions, the team is looking forward to enjoying further success in the new year!

Coach Coffey & Coach D

With selection looming, the coaches are looking for players to enjoy the Christmas break … but not too much! To be selected, the players will need to be able to play to their potential, thereby giving the team the chance to compete for trophies in 2023! They will be returning to RAF Cranwell in January, hoping to leverage even more of the patriotic fervour the location imbued in the players.

A great weekend with the promise of more to come from this committed and dedicated group. GO FIMBA!!”