New Coach for +40 Women

The FIMBA GB +40 Women had their first camp of 2023 under the watchful eye of new coach Tony Harrison.

Coach Harrison is not a new face to FIMBA GB having previously coached the +45 Women at the European Championships in Malaga. Following the recent decision to merge the two teams, the natural choice was for Coach Harrison to take over the coaching duties.

The 3 hour session took place in Birmingham and saw a mix of current and new players learning how to play together and where the strengths of the team and individuals were. The session developed from simple activities to get warm and dialed back in to being on court, finishing with some key read and react drills.

Strong defence and work ethic were also key focus areas before the squad had a scrimmage at the end to put into practice what they had learned and for Coach Harrison to see how different combinations played together.

With 14 at training today and a new coach, we are so excited to start our 2023 season! We’ve grown the programme over the last 18 months and we’re looking forward to our tournaments in Croatia, Dublin, Norwich, and Galway this year. Our focus is getting in plenty of preparation for the European Championships in Italy 2024 and having lots of fun along the way!

FIMBA GB +40 Women Captain Jennifer Watson

The next competitive tournament for the +40 Women is the Masters World Cup in Croatia, with the team announcement coming in the next few days.

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