FIMBA GB +50 & +55 Training – Nottingham

Both squads assembled March 23rd in Nottingham, with Coaches Wiliams, Short and Taylor looking to sharpen the attack and ramp up the intensity in training.

The +50’s had new players trialing, and this allowed a mixture of intensely contested drills and scrimmages.

Coach Short has implemented a series of drills and plays that have suddenly clicked with the +50’s. They look a well-oiled machine, quick on the break, seamless transitions and the open man found the time for an uncontested shot. Although nowhere near the finished article, the +50’s are looking a very good team and a couple of additions will see them reach their potential in the Europeans.

The +55’s are the best they have been in a long time. The chemistry and team bonding are there, and the positive vibe is infectious. They are growing in confidence in each other, and their team performances belie their advancing years. Coach Williams is confident in his team and they could add another player but he feels they are good enough as they are.

We could go to Italy with 12 players but then the court time is diluted. The players we have now are fit enough for the competition and all we need to do is get shots up and keep working hard

Coach Williams

The aim for both squads is to reach the quarter finals of their respective age groups and this will be a big ask of the +50’s with them being rookies at this level. The +55’s are experienced and know what will be needed to compete and be successful.

Coach Williams sees the bigger picture:-

The World Championships is where we aspire to do our best. It will be the biggest test a player and coach will have and one that the European Championships is a huge part of. Malaga and Portugal were a mouth watering appetiser, they highlighted what was needed to compete and the 55’s all want it