FIMBA GB +40 Women Team finalised

Since May 2023, the +40 Women team have been working hard to impress the coaching team and make the final cut for the 2024 international tournaments.

Coach Harrison sent invites to the selected players in December, so January’s session was the first time the new look FIMBA GB 40s team was on court together.

The first session after the Christmas break is typically tough but with the World Cup and European Championships in 2024, the players turned up ready to push themselves and make each other better.

Having only the selected team in attendance this month, we were able to focus on more specific things than we would have when we were training with the wider squad. This really helped fine tune the overall play and will be so important when it comes to the competitions.

Bruce Lauder, +40 Women Assistant Coach

The 5 hour session was intensive to blow away any cobwebs after a six week break, and was split into a morning and afternoon session with a break to have any niggles seen to by the team’s physio, Nat, and to try on their new tournament kit samples for sizing (more on this exciting news coming very soon).

This session was a real step up in intensity, with the coaches pushing us physically and mentally. I felt we met the challenges and worked together to develop as a team. The feeling in the squad is really positive, and there is a lot of love between us. We can’t wait to get back on court and take it to the next level.

Michelle Fellerdale, +40 Women Vice Captain

The morning focussed on building up the offences step by step, using players out of position so they understand the plays to a deeper level before the now infamous “Coaches choice” drill, where Assistant Coach Lauder gives each defender an assignment to see how the offence reacts.

The team were then tasked to put everything together on breaks up and down the floor before a competitive game to finish with the focus very much on the finer details of individual and team play.

The afternoon session started at a very high level, with the teams continuing the game but with a focus on defence. Following this impressive start, Coach Harrison continued to build the defensive identity into the team step by step working on reacting to the offensive team having an extra player. As the team tired it was time to bring all the learnings form the day together in another game, where despite the fatigue they remained at a decent level of composure.

The team selected includes a nice mix of styles and experience ranging from international to local league, that have embraced the FIMBA GB Values and especially “Enjoyment” spontaneously breaking into dance or making a witty remark to relax everyone before getting to work on court. They are a pleasure to coach and have a great potential to do well in 2024.

Tony Harrison, +40 Women Head Coach

Congratulations to Aneta, Charlotte and Haseena who will be making their GB debuts this season and welcome to the FIMBA GB Family.