+60 Women ready for Italy

The FIMBA GB +60 Women concluded their preparations for the European Championships with a training weekend in Oxford over the last weekend.

The session began with presentations of the Nike kit the team will be wearing in Pesaro, followed by a Q&A recap of the previous session. A good training session covering all the aspects the team have covered during the selection process and preparation was followed by a meal at a local pub.

Sunday saw the team finely tune certain things from the previous day before a game against a local team with members of the larger squad which allowed coach Adrian Moult to use the time to see players in different scenarios.

A great weekend for the team bonding both on and off the court, I was able to look at players in different situations and make adjustments. We are ready!

Adrian Moult – Head Coach

The team will now meet in Italy for the Championships allowing them to rest and continue with their individual performance plans.