+55 Women squad near completion

On 13/14th January, the FIMBA GB +55 women met up for their last training weekend before finalising the last 3 playing spots available. From here on, training will be directly targeted to preparations for the selected players to excel in international competition, culminating at the European Championships in Italy in June.

The focus on the weekend was on ensuring that new offences were bedded in for all players in the variety of positions they could be asked to play in matches. The plethora of opportunities that the new plays create left the squad energised to start to use them in a competitive environment. The atmosphere amongst the squad was positively buzzing!

The Saturday evening night out was a useful reminder that we don’t just play the game; we play hard both on and off court. It’s these social events that have helped to bind this team as a close unit and this tightness as a squad will serve us well when the going gets tough.

Jackie Bennett joined the coaching team as a specialist guard coach to further bolster the coaching staff and brought new drills and energy to the guards.

Next stop is an invitational tournament in Oxford 2/3 Feb. Let’s do this, FIMBA GB!