+55 Women making strong progress

The FIMBA GB +55 Women are making good progress towards their 2023 International Tournament calendar.

The latest camp took place on the outskirts of Nottingham with Coach Coffey putting two very different days together to test this group.

On Saturday, the focus was on the options for a new offence being used at the upcoming tournaments. As always, the players were very receptive and enjoyed the simplicity that the new play offered and were able to execute the multiple options. The team continued their discussions and detailed plans for 2023 over dinner in their usual high spirits.

An 8am Sunday start saw the focus switch to an advanced man to man defence and different types of press, as well as the introduction of another simple but very effective offence. The session finished with 2 minutes of silence in remembrance to the fallen, a sombre end to a weekend of advanced team development.

A really positive weekendLooking forward to the next sessions, we will be working on team and individual philosophies, whilst reminding players of the various offences and defences. There are still some special situations to coach in yet but the building blocks are there for a successful season: planning, confidence and empowerment. Bring on the tournaments!

FIMBA GB +55 Women Head Coach, Stu Coffey