+55 Women Camp Report

This weekend saw the FIMBA GB +55 women travel to the home of the Nottingham Wildcats to continue their work towards the FIMBA European Championships to be held in Italy in June 2024.

With more players than spots available for the season finale, competition was friendly but fierce. The coach challenged the players to improve the quality of their physicality to create better space for others at the high bar that is European competition, and they rose to the challenge. A new offence is bedding in and creating many opportunities. The coach focussed on teaching how to read and take advantage of opportunities as they arise and minimising unnecessary turnovers, which are hallmarks of successful teams at the higher levels.

Ged Donnelly joined the coaching team as assistant coach over the weekend to help use his analysis and inter-personal skills to grease the wheels of the imposing juggernaut that is this team. His commitment, experience and ability to relate will be invaluable over the coming months.

It was great to bring in new players, Gail and Marija, who were welcomed and ensured existing players had new problems to resolve and rise to. With only one session left in November before selection takes place, all are raising their game. The future is bright with the FIMBA GB +55 women, with silverware in our sights!

Stu Coffey – Head Coach, FIMBA GB +55 Women