+50 & +55 Women enjoy joint session

The spectacular surroundings of RAF Cranwell were the venue for the FIMBA GB +50 and +55 Women, who had their first joint camp of 2023.

With both teams working towards the World Cup in Croatia and European Championships in Portugal, it was a good opportunity for Coach Gander (+50) and Coach Coffey (+55) to try out different ideas against each other in a competitive scrimmage, allowing them to really analyse what works both defensively and offensively. After a productive and grueling 10 hours across the two days, both coaches were pleased with the progress.

This weekend we enjoyed the combined W50/55+ teams, training at RAF Cranwell. Both teams warmed up, ran break drills and scrimmaged together and had plenty of chalk and talk time off the court. New skills and strategies were practiced and tried in-situ with good success and we continued the road towards our competitions in Croatia and Portugal.

FIMBA +50 Women Head Coach, Mal Gander

The combined FIMBA +50/+55 Women trained together for 10 hours this weekend to turbo-charge their preparations for the upcoming tournaments in 2023. The Team are looking to capitalise on excellent organisation by team managers and coaches to be competitive for medals this year. The +55 Women welcomed Martin Haines to the Team as their biomechanical assessor to help the players achieve their potential with individualised programs prior to competitions. By the Summer, all the players will be leaner, stronger and more physically resilient. With a growing squad, the +55 Women are looking like a force to be reckoned with!

FIMBA +55 Women Head Coach, Stu Coffey

The two teams will remain together for the next training session on 11/12th February at RAF Cranwell. If you are interested in being involved, please email admin@fimba-gb.com with a copy of your basketball CV.