+50 & 55 Men Nottingham camp report

The FIMBA GB +50 and +55 Men held their penultimate selection training session at the weekend, with some surprising results in the fitness and technical tests.

With several players away, it gave the new players the chance to shine and that’s exactly what they did. The session focused on technical and fundamental skills, plays and an outline of things to come. Very quickly the players started to read from the same page, find the open player and gel into a team that, to the outside world, seems to have been together for a long time.

Our style of play will encourage, creative free flowing basketball. I’m all about the no-look pass, alley-oop’s etc but we must do the basics well. I want the shooters to shoot, the handlers to handle and the bigs to take the 3 if it’s on. During game time, I will demand 40 minutes of focus, intensity, teamwork and passion and in return you’ll get my love and respect and someone that will push you to be the best you can be. Off the court, let’s have fun and a laugh and leave the competitive side on the court.

Des Williams, FIMBA GB +55 Men Head Coach

Malaga taught the +55 Men a few lessons and the trip to Portugal this year further cemented the need to up the standards, hence the fitness tests that are combined with technical tests. With +55 players setting the standards at 50+ sit ups a minute, 45+ sit ups a minute and a 30 metre sprint time of sub 4 seconds, they are doing what is needed off court and the road to Italy is starting to look very positive.

We are NOT going down the route of dictating to the players what we want, our players sacrifice their time and spend money to compete. In return, we will do all we can to ensure that they get on the court, play and get a return on their time investment. All I ever ask of my players is this. When you step on the court, we are all business and focused. When we step off the court we are a group of men that have lives away from the sport and we are building friendships that will last a long time

Coach Williams

The +50 and +55 squads are still looking for guards and anyone interested in playing, training or trying out can contact the team admin@fimba-gb.com.