+50 & +55 Men competing well

Things are starting to get very competitive and serious amongst the FIMBA GB +50 and +55 Men, who held a joint training session in preparation for the upcoming 2024 FIMBA Basketball European Championship.

The session was characterised by the increase in player intensity and a focused approach to refining skills and strategies for the Championship. The training session, held at The Wildcats Arena, Nottingham, served as the starting point for putting the finishing touches to strategies and player roles. The attendance for the training session was remarkable, with all registered players participating as well as a small number of trialists who took part enthusiastically. Both teams are now showing the dedication and commitment needed to compete and both teams are looking to make a statement and make a strong impact in the upcoming Championship.

Both squads went through a series of personal skill development drills and team cohesion plays and the standard surprised the coaching staff. The scrimmage between the two teams was a hotly contested affair with both teams working on cohesion and plays and the 55’s looked very close to the finished product.

+50 Captain, Paul Hobrough highlighted the need to increase the levels of fitness further and outlined the commitment needed if we were going to reach the targets set.

I thought the first session back in the New Year would be about getting players back into the groove and I was very wrong. All the players showed dedication and a commitment in training to being better and it seems that the coaching staff have underestimated the passion some of the players have for wearing the FIMBA GB shirt

+55 Men Head Coach, Des Williams

The +55’s are still looking for a couple of guards and the +50’s are reaching out to a couple of Forwards and a Centre. The teams will now prepare for a series of friendlies from February through to the GB Masters in June.

We’re almost ready to announce a full squad but there are a couple of players that I need to see one more time before making the final cut

+50 Men Head Coach, Dom Short