+40 Women ready for World Cup

The FIMBA GB +40 Women had their final camp before heading to Croatia for the Masters World Cup in April.

Training in Stoke for the first time, Coach Harrison split the weekend into two very different focus days. Saturday started with the women receiving their new merchandise before running some intensive shooting drills as a warmup. The focus then moved to offensive plays, with Coach Harrison mixing up the personnel throughout to try different options and see how they played together. The latter part of the session involved a scrimmage with scenarios thrown in to prepare the players for any eventuality in Croatia.

After a good evening meal together and some much needed rest, the focus moved to defence on Sunday. Working on footwork and trying to negate the offensive plays installed on Saturday brought out the teams high basketball IQ. Coach Harrison then put everything into action with a competitive scrimmage to finish the weekend, ensuring everything was drilled in as much as possible.

The Masters World Cup starts on Thursday 13th April and can be followed on the tournament website