+35 Women Ready for World Cup

The FIMBA GB +35 Women have announced they will be sending two teams to this month’s Masters World Cup in Croatia.

After numerous training camps and a strong recruitment push, the FIMBA GB +35 Women’s team have expanded from the 8 players who secured a 4th place finish at European Championships last summer to a 22 strong squad with a further 10 players in the wider squad and competing for a spot on the teams for the next tournament.

I have been very surprised and pleased about the amount of talent that has been played out before me over these training camps. People who have been with us for sometime have stepped up their performances and have shown me they will be assets to what we are trying to achieve. It was a very hard decision to trim the squads down to two teams! The future is very bright as we can now see a path for all women 35+ throughout the organisation to progress through the ages to represent FIMBA GB at tournaments in the future. We now have a chance to win a World Cup in Croatia and that’s what we are setting out to do!

Coach AJ – FIMBA GB +35 Women’s Coach

Because of the strong growth, Team Manager Sarah “Coops” Cooper has decided to enter two teams for the Masters Basketball Association World Cup in Croatia in a week’s time.

I am very excited at the prospect of entering 2 squads into tournaments going forward, I’ve been a part of this group since Covid when we struggled to raise a side due to injuries or illness.. now it’s thriving at 30+ women and I feel we have really grown the age group to offer more playing opportunities to those over 35 years of age, couldn’t be prouder and this is what it’s all about, the game should, and will never stop!

Coops – FIMBA GB +35 Women Team Manager

Lisa Greenaway – Captain
Rebecca Brindley – Vice Captain
Sarah Cooper – Team Manager
Amy Andrews
Gabriele Navickaite
Harriet Yea
Karolina Karolak
Karolina Maksiomoviene
Kelly Simcox
Urszula Kostka

Sally Durdin – Captain
Sam Lee – Vice Captain
Mary Brewer – Team Manager
Edyta Chomska
Elisa Felix-Ravelo
Kayzi Healy
Natasha Bartlett
Sophie Lwazi
Vilma Jurgaityte
Yhenifer Garcia