What is FIMBA?

FIMBA GB is the United Kingdom ‘arm’ of FIMBA – The Federation of Masters Basketball Association (http://www.fimba.net/en/).

FIMBA GB has been authorised by FIMBA World to regulate and control players and teams from the United Kingdom representing Great Britain at FIMBA events worldwide.

FIMBA GB aspires to see the maxibasketball movement grow and prosper and, in time, for Great Britain to not only be represented in as many age groups and categories as possible but also to feature in event hosting on the world stage.

FIMBA GB is proud to announce that they are facilitating 15 teams who will be competing at the European Championships in Malaga in 24 June – 3 July 2022.

It is proud to be able to keep players in the game as well as opening up new tournaments for them.

For immediate information please mail – admin@fimba-gb.com

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Steering this organisation are Nicky Shaw and Maria Endacott-Heser


For more details on the history of the FIMBA Maxibasketball movement, click here