Malaga 2022 Fixtures & Results

All the fixtures and results from the 16 FIMBA GB teams at the XI European Championships in Malaga, Spain.

DateTimeAge GroupOppositionVenueResult
Saturday 25th June
25th June08:00F55vs ColumbiaCiudad Deportiva De CártamaW 43-29
25th June08:00M65vs ItalyCiudad Deportiva De CártamaL 38-63
25th June10:00M55 Heronsvs UruguayComplejo Deportivo Elola 1L 54-65
25th June11:00M70vs LithuaniaLos OlivosL 22-40
25th June12:00F50vs GermanyCiudad Deportiva De CártamaL 41-63
25th June15:00M45vs SwitzerlandCiudad Deportiva Javier ImbrodaW 67-30
25th June15:00M40vs JordanTraining Centre El Higueron 2W 111-47
25th June15:00F45vs GermanyLos Olivos 2L 27-51
25th June15:00M35Avs GB Maxi Los Guindos 1L 46-63
25th June15:00F35vs GB MaxiCiudad Deportiva De CártamaL 37-82
25th June15:00F40vs HungaryCiudad Deportiva De CártamaL 34-62
25th June19:00Opening CeremonyCiudad de Málaga Athletics Stadium
Sunday 26th June
26th June08:00M65vs Czech RepublicComplejo Deportivo Elola 1L 50-52
26th June10:00M70vs GermanyLos Olivos 1W 43-30
26th June10:00M60vs CroatiaCiudad Deportiva De CártamaW 48-46
26th June10:00F50vs LithuaniaLos Guindos 1L 23-83
26th June10:00M55+vs MexicoCiudad Deportiva Javier ImbrodaL 42-100
26th June12:00M50vs ColumbiaComplejo Deportivo Elola 2W 50-42
26th June 12:00F60vs LataviaLos GuindosW 45-39
26th June15:00F40vs GermanyTraining Centre El Higueron 1L 40-79
26th June16:00M45vs ItalyCiudad Deportiva De CártamaL 52-54
26th June16:00M35Bvs SpainTraining Centre El Higueron 2L 116-23
26th June18:00M40vs SwitzerlandCiudad Deportiva Javier ImbrodaW 88-56
26th June18:00M35Avs SpainCiudad Deportiva Javier ImbrodaW 65-60
Monday 27th June
27th June09:00M60vs LithuaniaLos Guindos 1W 43-33
27th June09:00F55vs EstoniaTraining Centre El Higueron 1L 24-47
27th June11:00M50vs PolandLos Guindos 2L 31-99
27th June11:00M55+vs Czech RepublicLos Guindos 1W 54-32
27th June11:00M55 Heronsvs ItalyPabellon de Ciudad JardinL 22-80
27th June16:00M35Avs GB MaxiComplejo Deportivo Elola 1L 46-63
27th June16:00M35Bvs SloveniaComplejo Deportivo Elola 2L 35-46
27th June18:00F45vs LatviaCiudad Deportiva Javier ImbrodaL 56-60
27th June18:00F35vs EstoniaCiudad Deportiva De CártamaL 36-60
Tuesday 28th June
28th June09:00F50vs Dominican RepublicCiudad Deportiva Javier ImbrodaL 43-69
28th June11:00M45vs SpainTraining Centre El Higueron 1L 70-74
28th June15:00M40vs SloveniaCiudad Deportiva De CártamaW 100-38
28th June15:00F35vs GermanyCiudad Deportiva De CártamaL 48-61
Wednesday 29th June
29th June .19.00F40v BK AvantisQuarter Final L 38-54
29th June3pmF50Maxi Ball
29th June 11amF55Latvijas PurenesL 35-43
29th June 7pmF60Czech L28-34
29th JUne5pmM35Vs GB BW71-47
29th June7pmM40V Italy L 24-94
29th June12pmM55v Germany L45-50
29th June10amM60Top Trust L35-50
29th June7pmM65Germany W 49-33
29th June12pmM70LataviaW 52-41
Thursday 30th June
30th June8pmF40vs MaxiballersTraining Centre
30th June 8pmF60vs Hun TurboLos Guindos 2
30th June12pmM45v PolandLos OlivosL 61-79
30th June 10amM55v HungaryComplejo Deportivo ElolaL 45-57
30th June8pmM60v Unicaja BaloncestoCD J Imbroda C Nuevo
30th June 12pm M70V Germany CDep Cartama L 51-55
30th June16:00F35vs EstoniaComplejo Deportivo Elola 2
30th June18:00M40vs SpainCiudad Deportiva De Cártama
Friday 1st July
1 July 12pmF50vs Germany Conplejo Deportivo ElolaL 52-56
1 July 10amF55vs Italy C Dep CartamaW 60-32
1 July6pmM35vs Solvenia Los Guindos 2L0-20
1 July 7pmM45vs Hungary C.Dep Cartama 2 W 73-45
1 July 5pmF40Vs Italy L30-72
1 July 12pmM55v Hungary C.Dep Cartama 2 L 45-52
1 July10amM65vs USA Complejo Deportivo Elola L 37-104
Saturday 2nd July
2 July 8pmF55vs Italy CDJ Imbroda C Nuevo W 38-35 5th Place
2 July 9amF60 vs Losice Dep Catama 1 W 47-31
2 July 8pmM35vs GuayotosLos GuindosW 48047 Bronze Medal
2 July 9am M40vs Maxi BasketLos Guindos W 79-78
2 July 4pmM50vs Maxi Basket Complejo Deportivo Elola L 23-51
2 July 11amM55 Herons v 55+ Dep CartamaFIMBA GB 55+ - Won
2 July 1pmM60c CZE SodomaComplejo Deportivo EbolaW 72-35
2 July 11amM70vs Italy Los Guindos W 49-41 Bronze Medal
Sunday 3rd July
3 July 9am F35 vs Germany Pabellon de Ciudad JardinL 44-51
3 July 1pmM40vs Italy Los Guindos L 59-74 SILver Medal